The Pulpit

The Pulpit, the work of Bartolomeo Cavalieri and Domenico Negri (1677)

The pulpit is the fruit of a collaboration between Bartolomeo Cavalieri, the original designer of the monument found next to the middle-left pillar of the central nave, and Domenico Negri, craftsman responsible for the marble panels and the parapet. Made of pure white Carrara marble the pulpit is held aloft by two carved cloth-like support in a style much reminiscent of Michelangelo.
On the parapet are the scenes of the Baptism of Jesus and his entry into Jerusalem, the expulsion of the money lenders from the temple, the nighttime meeting with Nicodemo and the meeting with Mary Magdalene and Salvatore.
The reredos is faced in gilded leather and surmounted by a canopy in gilt copper bearing, at its centre, the crest of Antonio Grassi meanwhile on the sides are the crests of the City of Chioggia and of the ' podestà' Pietro Sagredo. An evident sign of willing collaboration between church and political powers even in the building of the new edifice.


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