The Chapel of Most Sacred Sacrament

The Chapel of Most Sacred Sacrament with canvases and frescoes by Michelangelo Schiavoni

The Chapel of the Most Sacred Sacrament, symmetrical to that of the Patron Saints expresses a showy and unusual Baroque styling which in this decidedly classical and Palladio inspired building. The chapel is sumptuously adorned with stucco festoons, the work of Gerolamo Gaspari.
The central altar-piece, originally designed by Longhena (1659),represents the Last Supper which some historians have credited to the Genoese Francesco Rosa and others to Martin Tagier. The canvas on the left wall represents 'The Meeting of Jesus and the Caananites' meanwhile that on the right 'The Parable of the Banquet' – works by Michele Schiavoni, known as Il Chiozzotto, who was a follower of the Tiepolo school. The fresco on the ceiling which represents “The Lamb of the Apocalypse in a Choir of Angels” and the four circular images of the Evangelists are by the same artist from Chioggia.


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