Christ in Majesty Between St. Felice and St. Fortunato

The painted board Christ in Majesty Between Saint Felice and Saint Fortunato (75x50 cm.) Anonymous, dated 1381

This painted board dated 1381 was the first painting to be commissioned 'ex voto' for the people of Chioggia in thanks for their reconstruction of the city after the disastrous war against Genoa.
Christ appears in His majesty, giving blessing and with the Gospels open, in line with latin iconography.
On the sides are Felice and Fortunato, the two martyred brothers, patrons of the city.
The first in a militaristic pose, the other making a more cautious, warning gesture. The three figures are indicated with their respective names on the red background, whilst on the dias are the names of the commissioners and the coats of arms of the city and of the podestà Pietro Giustiniani.
The painting expresses the invocation of the patron saints ask Christ to bless and protect the city after the devastating experience of the war.
The painting appears as a symbol under which the reconstruct the identity of the city with the evident intent to underline the roles and eminence of the patron saints in the search for political and social peace.
The rich golden decorated attire of the saints is intended to emphasize the vindicated autonomy of the city, liberated thanks to the intervention of the Patron Saints, wrapping them in the cape of the highest order of military standing, “Capitani da Mar”.


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