The Madonna and Child

The canvas of the Madonna and Child attributed to Cima from Conegliano (end of the XV century)

A panel of modest proportions painted in tempera this work has the appearance of a typical Venetian 'easel painting', or, due their subject defined as works of the “Madonnari”. The Virgin is seated against a background of luxuriant nature with child on her knee. She is represented with a white headdress and vermillion robe, wrapped in an ample, richly decorated cobalt cloak. The Child has his hands crossed over his chest and appears to be protected by the hands of his mother.
The Madonna appears to be in a state of meditation, perhaps aware of the mystery and double nature of her son, the position of the index and middle fingers on the right hand also hint at this. Perhaps she is reflecting of the prophecies of the Old Testament on which her left hand is resting.
The Christ Child nude also appears in a meditative state, his expression, almost lost appears to be conscious of the future holocaust at Calvary.


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