The Crucifixion with Saints

The altar-piece of the Crucifixion with Saints by Andrea Vicentino (first of the XVII century)

Between the two altars on the southern wall of the church of St. Caterina Alessandrina Trionfa, Vicentino's altar-piece, “The Crucifixion with Saints' appears in full illumination and splendor in contrast with the dark background behind it, exalting the bent body of Christ and accentuating the dramatic episode. The diffuse light on the body of the Savior reverberates onto the figures around him and the subdued light of both the sun and the moon confirm the involvement of all of the physical and temporal elements in the drama of the moment.
The only element of tenderness is offered by the presence of a young angel who, in line with medieval iconography, collects the bloods from the spear wound in Christ's side. Subdued attitudes and resigned looks seem to stiffen and to freeze the characters to the feet of the Cross, is easy to distinguish, in the usual iconographic way, the figures of the Magdalene, of Mary and those of the apostles Peter, Paul and John.


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