The Purification of Mary

The canvas de the Purification of Mary of Antonio Marinetti disciple of the Piazzetta and his workshop

Around 1751 – 1752, according to the hypothesis of Tommasini, two altar-pieces were commissioned from the painter Antonio Marinetti, known as Il Chiozzotto, faithful student of Piazzetta, to coincide with the start of construction of the Filippini Fathers' Oratory in Chioggia. It is more probable however that they were installed on the completion of construction works in 1753 in time for the consecration on the 23rd April.
The work “The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple”, the first to be realised, according to Palluchini – one of the first to interest himself in the painter from Chioggia, shows a certain 'tiredness in inspiration', but after recent research this would seem a little unfair and in fact this painting has been considered of optimal quality and in fact attributed to no lesser an artist than Gianbattista Piazzetta.
In the foreground with his back to us, much in the style of Caravaggio, is Joseph in pilgrim's clothing. The Virgin holding the Baby is situated upon the steps and bathed in light, she occupies the central part of the composition looked upon by the prophetess Ann and Simeon. In the second plain and in a more attenuated light, in considered and ceremonious stance is the figure of the priest, his expression intense, waiting anxiously to begin the ceremony of circumcision. The construction of the painting is organised according to a divided and ascending dynamic with atmospheric lighting accompanying the gradual progression of the scene. Both construction and lighting contribute to making the painting one of the best by the Clodiense maestro before his period in Treviso.


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